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Totally professional concept art.

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Was going through some old drawings, found this old comic idea that never went anywhere :D

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Write your own joke.

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uh whaa?

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Some random old crap.

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Duck Hunt

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Commissions and other stuff.


I’m in need of moneys. So it’s time to advertise commissions again! I draw pictures for 20 euros! More info on this page here

In other news…

Incase you didn’t know the reason blastwave has been updating steadily is because of continued support on patreon

If you support the comic on patreon you get extra comics. You also get all the old pages which currently is 4 pages, with 2 more coming this month. Here’s some promo pics of the possible extra comics:


I had some ideas for these alternate versions of blastwave so I thought throwing these on patreon made most sense.

Anyways… How are you guys doing? Still all crazy and stuff?

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(Reupload since tumblr is weird.)

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GWTB plane 

Blastwave drawings.

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Is there any chance that you would consider reprinting Gone With the Blastwave, Vol 1? I have literally scoured the internet for half an hour and I haven't found a hint of a copy for sale out there!
asianf123 asked

Back when I did print it… there were people who prepared it for print, printed it, and sent it out to people. Now those people are no longer there, so I’d have to do it all myself… or find someone to do all that. And that’s where my chronic laziness kicks in and make the plan impossible.